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Trulers 10-Inch Contour Gauge – CG10


Are you tired of struggling to replicate intricate shapes accurately? Look no further! The Trulers CG-10 contour gauge is here to revolutionize your workflow, providing unmatched precision and efficiency in contour duplication.

📏 Wider Coverage for Every Shape: The Trulers CG-10 stands out with its impressive width. This 10-inch contour gauge effortlessly copies any shape, creating instant templates for curved and odd-shaped profiles. Say goodbye to the hassle of transferring profiles to paper or cardboard – our contour gauge saves you valuable time!

📏 Time-Saving Marvel: Designed to be a carpenter or fabricator’s best companion, the Trulers contour gauge eliminates the need to transfer profiles manually. Simply press the gauge onto the desired shape, record the cross-sectional details, and cut with confidence. No more guessing dimensions of irregular shapes – Trulers CG-10 is your time-saving solution.

📏 Dual Measurement Precision: Crafted from high-quality ABS plastic, our contour gauge ensures durability, strength, and rustproof performance. The 10-inch/25 cm multi-functional contour profile gauge features both metric and imperial measurements. The tough and durable plastic body showcases clear markings on both sides, providing accuracy in every application.

📏 Versatile Applications: The Trulers CG-10 contour gauge is a versatile tool suitable for various tasks. From pipes and circular frames to ducts and complex objects, this gauge is ideal for fitting tiles, laminate, and carpet, checking dimensions, molding, and more. Whether you’re working on car bodies, carpentry, or modeling, Trulers CG-10 is the go-to solution.

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